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Professional Flooring Systems

Maintenance - It's important to re-apply sealer annualy for upkeep and general maintenance. This is for protection of the floor.


Polishing - Anything from restoration to maintenance to give your floor the look of the the original stone.


Sealing - For protecting the stone and to make sure the stone isn't damaged and keeps it's protection and shine.


Care of Stone - The full repair, patching, upkeep, and sealing of all kinds of stones. This is a premium service that involves maintenance, polishing, and sealing.



Quality Flooring Systems

Grinding - Remove the dereliqt surface to reveal the original stone. This involves leveling of the floor for no holes, joints, and inconsistencies. This will make any tiled floor look like one complete slab.


Tiling - Bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and walls for a professional finish by an experienced tiler from Italy.


Re-Grouting - Remove the old grouting, cleaning the joint, and adding new grouting for rejuvination.


Concreting - From 1 sq/m to 1000 + sq/m we will lay your CONCRETE and TERAZZO.


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